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This upcoming weekend will be our first weekend working with new card readers at the farm. We anticipate some bumps in the road implementing this new technology. Please be patient as we make this transition. We anticipate long lines, and possible delays with credit card...

Please pay for your berries

Unfortunately, we've run into a problem this season with people eating berries in the field before paying for them.  While this has never really been an issue in the past, this year we've seen people consuming large amount of berries before having their baskets weighed.  Please...

Changes to Our Strawberry Season

Starting on Tuesday, April 29th, Phillips Farms will require that ALL berries be picked and taken home in our re-usable baskets.  These baskets can be purchased for $1.25 each and hold around 6 quarts of berries.  This change will allow us to continue to offer...

Welcome to Phillips Farms!

Welcome! Welcome to Phillips Farms, a working farm where we provide clean, wholesome fun for the entire family. From Strawberry Season to Christmas Trees, Phillips Farms is sure to have something to make your family smile....

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