Changes to Our Strawberry Season

Starting on Tuesday, April 29th, Phillips Farms will require that ALL berries be picked and taken home in our re-usable baskets.  These baskets can be purchased for $1.25 each and hold around 6 quarts of berries.  This change will allow us to continue to offer the lowest prices we can and will also help prevent bruising the berries.   You are always welcome to bring these baskets to pick in every time you visit the farm, but we can no longer allow our customers to pick berries in any other type of container.  We value our customers so much, and this change will help us provide you with the best berries at the lowest price we can offer.

In order for us to keep our pick-your-own berry prices at $1.80 and not raise the per pound price by $0.25 to $0.35 cents, this is the best solution we can find for the customers as well as us at Phillips Farm of Cary, NC. We have eliminated the plastic bags that damage the berries, as well as the extra labor involved with collecting boxes all year. The boxes have become increasingly difficult to find. We have also stopped the use of our reusable buckets with plastic bags. We can no longer purchase the same quality buckets that we have used since we opened long ago.

Phillips Farms pays $1.25 per basket so we are not making any money on the baskets. When you buy the basket once it is reusable and you can bring it back year to year. In turn, this keeps our operating cost low and per pound prices low! We are sorry for any confusion and hope to see you picking soon!!

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