Dear Philllips Farm-
I just wanted to thank you for giving my daughter the time of her life yesterday. She is autistic (and ausome), but there are not many places she can go (forget restaurants, team sports, shopping, most parks without close supervision). But today, we accidentally passed your farm, and decided to stop in. Wow- did she have the time of her life. I explained to the Ticket Taker Individual that I would have to “shadow” her on some rides/slides, etc. because of safety. The Owner happened to be walking by when I was explaining our “special situation.” He truly went out of his way to accommodate us. They entire staff made sure my daughter was safe, happy, and having the time of her life. They ALL went out of their way to make sure she was happy- and she was! The cow train Operator was wonderful! He let her ride the train two times in a row (knowing that Autistics love routine and love doing the same thing over and over). He let her do this (of course, we made sure there was no line), but he was just so kind and accommodating for everything. The only sad part of the afternoon is that we were only able to stay for about 45 minutes before the storm hit. We will definitely be returning to your Farm- if not today, then very soon! In this day and age, there are just not many places I can take my ten year old autistic child- places where they are 100% cared for and made to feel special. I want to thank you and your awesome staff for ensuring my daughter had the time of her life. Who know, we may even one day pick some strawberries

J. H. of Cary,